Automatic Machine for Removing the Pepper’s Core (coring) and tail RTA 5

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The machine is designed to remove the pepper seed by cutting the circular lid on the top of the pepper and then cutting it through a cylindrical blade with a diameter of 35 mm to the seed.
The peppers are loaded manually by an operator in a tamping-type holder installed on a conveyor system that moves synchronously with a rotary vane.
The machine launches the pepper (with a cylindrical cutter module) that is pre-positioned and removes the seedlings through a knife system.
The already removed stem is transported automatically outside of the knife system and the finished and clean pepper falls into a pre-set receptacle.

No pre-calibration of the peppers is necessary.

Capacity 4500 – 6000 pcs / hour

Power 2kBt

Dimensions 4500x1700x1100mm [/ toggle]