Automatic rinsing machine series “R”

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Automatic rinsing machine series “R”

Versatile machine designed for use with bottles of 0.25 L – 10l.
Series “8R – 20R” revolving rinzeri are designed to rinse the plastic bottles and disposable.
Can operate independently or in a SINHROBLOK.
Rinsing can be used water, aqueous solutions, disinfectants, ozone water, etc.
All parts have access to the product are made of stainless steel.
Performance depending on the number of the rinsing clamps: 1000 b / h – 12 000 b / h.
Number of rinse clips mounted in the machine was different from the desired production capacity: 8 pc-40 pc.
Working rinse cycle – 3-8s.
Duty cycle drained – 3 – 8s.