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Automatic filling machine, thick like tomato paste, ketchup, lecho, etc. viscosity – 5-6 Hc/m2, temperature 90 degrees C; in glass packages and their TWIST OFF closures.
The process of filling into containers takes place automatically in a closed chamber, without the risk of contamination of the product. The car is characterized by ease of operation and dosing accuracy. Quick and easy flushing of the buffer tank (equipped with a wash head) and the filling sector.
The filling head only works when packages are present (this is set using a sensor). Filling system No pack/No fill.
All parts that come into contact with the product and packages are made of stainless steel.
Closing of caps is carried out by a capping head – 10 pcs. The shifting is carried out with an inverter and this guarantees a smooth movement during start and stop. The plugging force can be adjusted.
The filling sector is vertically adjustable depending on the size of the jar.

– AISI 304 stainless steel frame and construction for longer life and better hygiene.
– All safety devices and partitions are made in accordance with the directives of the European Commission.
– Easy disassembly of all connections.
– Filling heads working by electronic method – flowmetric filling ..
– Closing heads -10 pcs. .
– Entering, withdrawing and central mechanisms of star-shaped type.
– Automatic – centralized control with the help of one controller of all components and sectors of the machine. HMI, TCP
– Electric control panel.
– Standard equipment for one bottle size.
– No pack / No start photosensor at the machine inlet.
– Photo sensor about the presence of the cover.

-Number of metering cylinders 20
-Number of capping heads 10
-Productivity Up to 10,000 pcs / h – depending on the volume of packaging
– Dosing method flowmetric bottling.
– Dosage range 100÷2 500 mL
– Type of packaging glass
– Packing dimensions
20÷400 mm
30÷160 mm
– Input voltage 400V
– Power ≈3.5 kW
-Working pressure 0.5÷0.6 MPa
– Compressed air consumption 70 l/min
– Service staff 1 person
– Overall dimensions ≈2 400 x 1 800 x 2 600 mm
-Weight ≈2 000 kg