SYNCHRO BLOCK, Series “S”, model ”20/32/6”

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SYNCHRO BLOCK, Series “S”, model ”20/32/6”

The machines of the S Series have been created to serve clients having large production capacities. Versions with various combinations have been elaborated, depending on the individual needs of each client – 20/32/ 6; 24/42/8; 30/50/10

SYNCHRO BLOCK, model ”20/32/6” combines in a single machine the functions of rinsing – with a fixed jet; filling – with gradual change in the pressure, and closing of caps BPF 28.

A technology of holding the bottle by the neck has been applied, allowing a simplified and rapid transition from one bottle type to another, without using format parts.

In the rinsing sector can be used a powerful jet through specialist nozzles, for internal washing of possible impurities.There is an option to rinse with 2 types of solution.

The filling system provides gradual change of the pressure in the bottle, thus ensuring an easy level adjustment at filling.

The filling valves can be removed with extreme ease and they are equipped with a device for their sterilization.

The machine design has been developed from a system of torsion bars and spheres (with no sharp edges), which facilitates the microbiological disinfection of the machine.

The capping system has been built on the basis of the innovative method ”Pick and Place”, and the heads have an adjustable magnetic clutch.

The caps are delivered to the capping sector by an elevator-orientator.


In using the Synchro Block for production of carbonated and non carbonated liquids, the company offers as an additional option false heads and a CIP panel for circular disinfection.